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Richard Spalding

Comedian : Writer : Podcaster

Richard Spalding is an award winning, mild mannered and polite (or so he says) comedian from the Midlands. His immaculately crafted material and impeccable comedy timing ensures very well delivered jokes. Richard is one of best acts breaking onto the circuit currently. 



Awards and Competitions 

Panel Prize Winner : Beat the Frog World Series 2022

Get Up, Stand Up Runner Up - 2018


2017 Newsjack - Series 16

  1. E1 - Episode One

2016 Newsjack - Series 15

  1. E3 - Episode Three


"Razor sharp, understated brilliance." - Tom Ward

"My favourite comedian." - Eshaan Akbar

"He’s a very useful joke writer with an assured, club-ready confidence that already feels like a

safe pair of hands." - Steve Bennett Chortle


Pick of the Fringe - Edinburgh Live and Glamour Magazine 2019

Hour Shows 

2024 Gather Your Skeletons 

2023 Look Who Loves Me (WIP)

2023 A Pinch of VAULT 

2022 Brighton Fringe

2019 Sex Question MarkHost / Presenter

Tour Support for: 

Eshaan Akbar


Dead dad? Dealing with parental loss and grief? Need something to make you smile?
Our Dads Died is the podcast that laughs in the face of death.
Join Tom Gerken and Rich Spalding as they discuss all the things you don't normally hear about dying - from dead relatives popping up in your dreams to what not to say to someone whose dad just died.

Agent : Jessica Toomey, +44 0161 236 9875

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