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FAB Comedy Management is almost here!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

FAB Comedy Management will launch in late July with a small, diverse & perfectly formed roster of the North's most exciting talent. Founder Jessica Toomey has worked in comedy full-time for 18 years although she has been around a comedy club since 1994. She is currently the Managing Director of the Frog and Bucket which is the longest-running comedy club outside of London. Programming the Frog has given her a keen nose for excellent talent and discovering who has the potential for great things! Jessica also runs the Women in Comedy Festival and is a huge advocate for women in the industry. Jessica's main ambition for starting this agency was to highlight the wealth of talent in the North and take some focus away from London. She has seen the likes of Caroline Aherne, Peter Kay and John Bishop burst on to the scene and knows the Northwest has a huge amount more to offer.

Jessica intends to take a much more caring and considered approach to talent management. She has intentionally kept the agency small and boutique so she can take a personalised and bespoke approach for each of her acts and forge a career that reflects their strengths and desires.

She is passionate about discovering, nurturing and elevating new talent to their full potential. She has a professional but personable approach to all her endeavours and is truly knowledgeable of all areas within the industry.

As well as knowing notable talent when she sees it, her experience in hospitality, the corporate sector and live events means she is well-placed in assisting clients to put on their own events. From huge fundraising galas and award ceremonies to staff-bonding zoom gigs & corporate training – whatever your comedy needs may be, she can help. With an in-depth knowledge of audiences and access to 1000's of comedians she will always know which act is right for your event and audience.

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