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Allyson's June Smith's Debut Tour has started.

Little Smith Sunshine is off to a fantastic start with a sell out show in Newcastle and other destinations such as Manchester and Leicester left with just a few tickets left.

Allyson has been a stalwart of both the Canadian and UK Circuit for 23 years mastering the craft of Compere and Comic with hours of solid material, so this must be the most overdue and anticipated debit hour in a very long time.

Allyson is no stranger to tour shows as she has supported Katherine Ryan, Stewart Francis, Jason Manford and Jen Brister. However this is her first time taking centre stage with her long awaited Debut hour despite headlining so most prestigious clubs in the World as well as being the first woman to perform in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at a public comedy show!

Little Smith Sunshine is a show that will leave you feeling warm from her sunshine! If you have had the pleasure of seeing her perform in a club then you know the feeling of Allyson’s presence. You leave her shows feeling like you have made a new pal, and you have because Allyson loves being on stage and loves you for being in the audience.

Allyson has been a fish out of water for the past 10 years in the UK, now finally feeling like a proper Brit and settled in Manchester she looks forward to her first UK Tour. A self-confessed 'over sharer' this show will inevitably serve up a potent observational cocktail of wit, bite and shame.

So come let this 'People Pleaser' please you, and meet your new best friend Allyson June Smith. We keep adding dates so keep an eye on her website for new dates or sign up to her mailing list

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