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Allyson June Smith 

After her initial forays into stand-up garnered her some success, Allyson hit the comedy club circuit, which in turn propelled her to headlining gigs at festivals. She shone in multiple high-profile slots at the Winnipeg, Halifax and Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival. And that was just the start. In the years that followed she received multiple nominations for Best Female Stand-up at the Canadian Comedy Awards, taped her own Comedy Now special and did stints on MuchMusic’s Video on Trial and CBC’s The Debaters. 

Now settled in the city of Manchester, UK, it’s time for Europe to reap the rewards of Allyson June Smith’s ever-inventive comedic ascent. 

A self-confessed “over-sharer”, any Allyson June Smith show inevitably serves up a potent observational cocktail of wit, bite and shame. Which means you’ll typically find her after the show, with a line of eager fans queued up to talk with her, to confess to her or to share some comically grisly detail from their own lives. Courageously self-deprecating, Allyson’s comedic gift is making every room, whatever the size, feel like an intimate group therapy session. That intimacy, that uncommon bond between audience and performer is at the heart of Allyson’s magic as a comedian. Like the most relatable actresses working today or your very best friend, she finds a way to connect with everyone in a room, be they from southeast Asia, the U.K. or North America. 


“Asking Allyson Smith to support me on tour was a huge mistake. Not only were her nails & hair shinier then my own, but she had crowds in every city in such fits of hysterics that I was forced to question my career choices. Allyson is lovable, relatable, and the type of comedian who surprises even those most deeply committed to the lie that ‘women aren’t funny”  - KATHERINE RYAN 


“Simply one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever worked with. Can play any crowd and always has them laughing their heads off. She’s gonna be a huge star" - JASON MANFORD 

“Yet another hilarious Canadian with great hair” - STEWART FRANCIS 


"Judged the crowd perfectly, confidently pushing boundaries and then skilfully drawing the crowd back to where she wants to take them.. bloody hilarious." - HAZEL O'KEEFE - LAUGHING COWS 


"If you are a promoter or club owner, and aren't booking Allyson June Smith, then you should hand in your badge and your gun on my desk Monday morning! Absolutely nailed the support slot! Made me have to raise my game!"  - JASON MANFORD 



"Wasn’t afraid to be shocking and explicit… hilarious" - THREEWEEKS (EDINBRUGH) 


"Ultra likeable and versatile"  - NOW MAGAZINE (CANADA) 


"Assuredly self-deprecating…  hilarious comedian"  - THE NATIONAL (UAE) 


Tour Support

Katherine Ryan 

Jason Manford 

Stewart Francis 


Jen Brister, Maureen Younger and Allyson June Smith are Women Talking Bollocks. 

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